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Designed specifically for the pre and post-weld heat treatment of gas turbine nozzle segments. The furnace has an electrically driven door which also retracts the chamber hearth for ease of loading. The working vacuum is 10-4mbar with an operating temperature of 1200°C. A rotating door ring allows forced gas quenching at 2bar overpressure. Charge size is 850mm x 850mm x 1100mm long with internals consisting of expanded graphite insulation with CFC heaters.

H2000 HT Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

This unit is a high temperature (2000°C) laboratory heat treatment furnace working in the 10-5mbar vacuum range. The vertical front opening door gives easy access for loading and maintenance. Maximum charge size is 75mm x 300mm high with all graphite internals. The unique door locking design allows over pressurising of the chamber to 3bar.

V400 HT LAB Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Multi-functional Vacuum Sintering Furnace for development of stainless steel components. Capable of 1800°C with a 10-5mbar working vacuum range, molybdenum internals and a 5bar PID controlled gas quench system. The horizontal front loading chamber was designed to accept a 250mm x 250mm x 350mm deep charge. This furnace is able to work in a variety of modes i.e. under vacuum, argon, hydrogen and controlled partial pressure atmospheres.

H800 SF Vacuum Sintering Furnace

This controlled atmosphere furnace was designed to process gas turbine nozzles at temperatures up to 1200°C. A ceramic fibre lined heating mantle radiates on to an Inconel bell jar which in turn radiates on to the product. The charge can be up to 2m diameter x 1.2m high and weigh up to 500kg. To achieve the required cooling times for the material concerned a cooling hood replaces the heating mantle during the quenching cycle.

HR2000 Hot Retort Furnace

Furnace Design & Build - A range of designs H2000 HT Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace H800 SF Vacuum Sintering Furnace HR2000 Hot Retort Furnace