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Vacua Therm Sales Ltd was launched in 1984 operating in the vacuum / controlled atmosphere furnace field.

The company operates as a design consultancy and specialises in the design, building, installation, commissioning and servicing of complete furnace process systems.

The company's willingness to participate in the design of equipment for design as well as more classical processes has established it as one of the leading design teams in the industry.

The company's forte is in our ability to customise plant design to suit each individual customer's requirements. Vacua Therm Sales Ltd believe that a quality furnace is one that functions exactly as the client expects it to perform. Thus with quality in mind, we do not offer a standard range of 'off-the-shelf' furnaces but prefer close communication with the client to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction. Our motivated personnel, with a combined 100+ years of experience in vacuum technology has earned the company an outstanding reputation among its customers world-wide.

In 1995, Vacua Therm Sales Ltd started an in-house subcontract heat treatment facility.

This facility specialises in processing in vacuum and or controlled atmospheres.

We service a wide variety of industries in Scotland, Northern England and further afield.

The industries that utilise our facility include aerospace, automotive, press tooling, plastic injection moulding, precision tooling, semi-conductor, general engineering and research & development to name but a few.

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